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தமிழ் எழுத்துரு மாற்றி (Tamil Font Converter)

தமிழ் எழுத்துரு மாற்றி (Tamil Font Converter)

          This is a portable Desktop application/software which is used to convert from and to 17+## familiar Tamil fonts [including Unicode]. There are 2 variants available now, one is based on Dot Net (Mainly for Windows users) and the other one is based on Java (for Linux, Windows and other OSs)

          As of 09th April 2023, latest version is TFC v3.5 and the links to download them are listed below.

Downloads so far

For Windows [Requirement: .Net Framework 3.5]

Below is a zipped version. Download and extract using any unzip utility (Peazip, 7-Zip, WinZip, WinRAR, etc.,)

Zipped Version

Java based app [Requirement: JRE 1.6+] - v3.3 Dt 16.03.2018
Click Here to view Steps to Install/Open Tamil Font Converter in Linux [CCTNS] Machine 

[This is a freeware, Please feel free to distribute this]

[A kind request to all users: Please do not distribute any COPYRIGHTED fonts along with this software, Thanks]

## - List of Fonts Supported

  • Unicode / Latha / Vijaya
  • Tamil-***** (e.g., Tamil-Aiswarya, Tamil-Swathi, Tamil-Vairam, etc.,)
  • TSC-Kural
  • SaiEmbed
  • Sun-Tommy
  • MCL Mangai
  • Visagam
  • Vanavil-***** (e.g., Vanavil-Avvaiyar)
  • Bamini / Baamini
  • Senthamizh
  • APT-Sangam
  • TAB-*****
  • TAM-*****
  • ShreeLipi

Click the above image to download this in PDF format

Older Versions (Windows Executable)
v3.4.7 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.6 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.5 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.4 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.3 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.2 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4.1 Link1      Link2      Link3
v3.4    Link1      Link2
v3.3    Link1      Link2
v3       Link1      Link2 (blocked as Virus by Google)

v2.6    Link1      Link2
v2.5    Link1      Link2
v2.4    Link1      Link2
v2.3    Link1      Link2

v2.1    Link1      Link2

v1.4 (Not available)